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By Rathindra Kuruwita – Associate Fellow SAFN Several Sri Lankan civil society organizations, led by Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL), published a Governance Diagnostic …

By Josh Bowes – Research Assistant SAFN Pic: WikiCommons – Public demonstration calling for Sharia Islamic Law in Maldives Extremism in the …

By Asanga Abeyagoonasekera, Executive Director SAFN Pic: June 27, 2023, “The Future of the Belt and Road Initiative” at the 14th Annual …

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4th September 2023, Bangkok, Thailand. South Asia Foresight Network SAFN and the German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good …

30th August 2023, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The South Asia Foresight Network SAFN (SAFN) collaborates with the Bangladesh Center for Indo-Pacific Affairs(BCIPA) on Security, …

World leaders in artificial intelligence explain future possibilities. Washington, DC August 22, 2023 – A new report by The Millennium Project warns that …

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The SAFN Internship program (virtual/in-person) allows undergraduate/graduate students from diverse backgrounds to engage with the Millennium Project and its network in South Asia (SAFN) to develop and learn new skills.


The internship will provide a pre-professional and practical experience related to the student’s field of study or career interest. Interns may work with SAFN staff/Executive Director in research and on areas of Futures Research, South Asia studies, South Asia Foreign Policy, Global/South Asia Political-Economy etc.  Interns provide the opportunity to attend internal high-level meetings, think tank events, and the Millennium Project node events and develop presentation skills and professional development.


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Dr. Swaran Singh is Professor for Diplomacy and Disarmament at Centre for International Politics, Organization and Disarmament (CIPOD), School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi). 


Lily Wangchuk has over 28 years of extensive experience in varied fields as a Writer, Consultant, Former Politician, Former Diplomat, Former Assistant Resident Representative, UNDP; Former Executive Director for Bhutan Media Foundation.


M. Ashraf Haidari is the Director-General of the South Asia Cooperative Environment Program (SACEP), and concurrently serves as the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Sri Lanka


Major General ANM Muniruzzaman (Retd) is the President of Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies. 


Puruesh Chaudhary is a futures researcher, development and strategic communication professional. She is the Founder and President of NGO AGAHI.

Sri Lanka

Asanga Abeyagoonasekera is an international security and geopolitics analyst and strategic advisor from Sri Lanka. 


Dr. Pramod Jaiswal is a Research Director at Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement.


Ambassador Abdul Ghafoor Mohamed is the Maldives Ambassador to the United States of America.


The Millennium Project is a global participatory think tank established in 1996 under the American Council for the United Nations University that became independent in 2009 and has grown to 71 Nodes around the world (an MP Node is a group of institutions and individuals that connect local and global perspectives).

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The first volume, “The baneful existence of Chinese sea cucumber farms in Sri Lanka“ by Asanga Abeyagoonasekera (SAFN and Sri Lanka Node Chair), focuses on....